A Note From Our Founder

Dear Members,

I launched Disco Country Club in May 2022 to help anyone live a life well played.

During shelter-in-place I was looking for safe, distanced ways to spend time with friends. I love playing tennis, but found that it was hard to bring friends who had never played since it takes time to master the skills and endurance, and the equipment can be expensive making it difficult for beginners to enjoy.

I began playing pickleball thinking it would improve my tennis skills (which it did), and quickly discovered how fun it is to play. When I invited friends to join me, I discovered that unlike tennis, pickleball was quick to learn and can be as competitive as you like - from martini in one hand leisure to full out sprints. My friends were having a great time playing almost immediately regardless of how athletic they consider themselves, and I was even able to play during my pregnancy.

I launched Disco Country Club to introduce more people to pickleball, and because I believe play should be fun and free from the prerequisite of lessons, expensive equipment, or athletic endurance.

Our products offer best in class quality to make luxury affordable to all members who want to enhance their leisure time and enjoy all the best that life has to offer.

– Alyssa Carroll, Founder & CEO